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Updated: Jul 2, 2020



Fight the stigma.

1. What has been your experience with mental health? Are there any struggles you overcame or how do you hope to help others overcome theirs? I have struggled with depression for most of my life but things go worse once I married to my ex husband and experienced domestic violence through physical and mental abuse. My depression got worse and I developed really bad anxiety to the point where I would have random panic attacks. Although I still suffer from these toll issues though time I have manage to cope with them and better manage my anxiety.

2. From your knowledge, what myths or negative stigmas have been attached to black mental health? If any, how did they shape your thoughts about getting help/going to therapy?

When people think of therapy within the black community, they think that you are crazy. We grow up in religious households where your depression is downplayed, and everyone insist that if you pray you will no longer be depressed. However, it goes deeper than that. We are taught from a young age to be strong and never let them see you cry, so we are conditioned to hold everything in and that is simply not right. I’ve gone to therapy and it has helped me, and I encourage so many of my peers to seek help through a therapist. We are human and we can only take so much.

3. Have you ever been to therapy? Why or why not? On a scale of 1-5 how important is it to have a therapist that is culturally competent?

Yes, I have. I went to therapy at a time where I felt I could no longer deal with my depression and anxiety on my own. They put me on anti-depressants which helped me a lot. I am no longer taking them because I’ve learned how to deal with certain things on my own now. (Keep in mind what may work for me, may not work for you.) 5

4. If not, is there any reason why you were not able to seek therapy?

I couldn't afford therapy; Lack of black therapists

5. Lastly, what would make your experience with mental health better?

Culturally Competent Therapists; Affordable Therapy; Family Support

Dear Black Women,

You are phenomenal, you are amazing, you are loved, and you are blessed and highly favored... and don’t you forget that!