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By: Anon

Fight the stigma.

What has been your experience with mental health? Are there any struggles you overcame or how do you hope to help others overcome theirs? For a long time I struggled with social anxiety. Every time I was in an instance where people were looking about me inventively. I would clam up and feel as if I was drowning.

From your knowledge, what myths or negative stigmas have been attached to black mental health? If any, how did they shape your thoughts about getting help/going to therapy?

There is definitely a negative stigma towards Black Americans and depression. It hasn't been researched hard enough and it leads to a mass amount of under diagnoses, misdiagnosis, and under treatment of depression. I learned this a couple of years ago and it has made me want to look into therapy more but I didn't really know where to start.

Have you ever been to therapy? Why or why not? On a scale of 1-5 how important is it to have a therapist that is culturally competent?

I have not because for the longest time I thought I didn't need it in addition to it being too expensive. 5

Was there any reason why you were not able to seek therapy?

I couldn't afford therapy.

Lastly, what would make your experience with mental health better?

Affordable Therapy