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Brittney Essic

Fight the stigma.

1. What has been your experience with mental health? Are there any struggles you overcame or how do you hope to help others overcome theirs? I have not struggled with mental health personally but in my profession as a social worker, I see so many people who struggle with their mental health and my goal is to always encourage and link my clients to the appropriate mental health services. I always find myself encouraging those who suffer from mental health issues to seek appropriate professional help.

2. From your knowledge, what myths or negative stigmas have been attached to black mental health? If any, how did they shape your thoughts about getting help/going to therapy?

I’ve heard people say “There is no such thing” or “He/She just crazy”

3. Have you ever been to therapy? Why or why not? On a scale of 1-5 how important is it to have a therapist that is culturally competent?

No, but I encourage everyone to seek some form of therapy at some point in their life. This is something I do plan to do. 5

4. If not, is there any reason why you were not able to seek therapy?

I didn't think it was for me. When I was younger, I didn't think it was beneficial but now that I am more mature and self-aware I highly encourage therapy.

5. Lastly, what would make your experience with mental health better?

Culturally Competent Therapists Affordable Therapy Family Support

I think if more people would share their positive experiences, more people would consider going to therapy.

Dear Black Women,

If you are reading this and you are struggling with your mental health or facing personal issues or challenges, I encourage you to speak with a therapist.