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By: Takeira Jacobs

Fight the stigma.

What has been your experience with mental health? Are there any struggles you overcame or how do you hope to help others overcome theirs? My experience with mental health has been a very positive one. I feel like getting therapy/counseling has been very beneficial to the way I view things as far as life and how things of my past affect my current thought process and my current behavior. My biggest struggle was actually making the decision to go to therapy. Because the thought of telling a complete stranger my problems and them revealing things about me that I didn't know can be overwhelming. I hope to help others overcome their struggles by sharing how I personally feel about mental health. Our mental health is very important and we should take care of it. Seeking therapy is something I would recommend to anyone, it made me feel so much lighter after starting my sessions.

From your knowledge, what myths or negative stigmas have been attached to black mental health? If any, how did they shape your thoughts about getting help/going to therapy?

People think you're crazy or something is wrong with you if you decide to go to therapy. It made me believe that something had to be really wrong or you needed to have some type of diagnosis to go to therapy.

Have you ever been to therapy? Why or why not? On a scale of 1-5 how important is it to have a therapist that is culturally competent?

I have been to therapy to cope and deal with issues I've had due to the absence of my father. 5

If not, is there any reason why you were not able to seek therapy?


Lastly, what would make your experience with mental health better?

Affordable Therapy